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Our terms are setup
to encourage effective
interactions for everyone to
achieve a profitable outcome

1.0 Terms of Use Disclaimer

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Disclaimer

     By accessing this site and all Onttel Academic Solutions ("OAS") related sites, you agree to our Terms of Use. Using this site or subscribing to OAS does not guarantee you profits, the success of your assignment depends solely on your own hard work and intelligence in applying our carefully curated strategies. Success does not happen overnight, you need to give yourself time and pace yourself reasonably in order to last for the long run. OAS reserves the rights to edit our Terms of Use anytime we see fit. 

2.0 Termination of Subscription and Usage

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Termination of Membership and Usage

     OAS holds the full authority to terminate any subscription or refuse access to any users if they fail to adhere to our Terms of Use. We want to create a conducive environment where maximum profitability can take place. Therefore, if any user or client causes a hinderance to OAS or environment where our users gather in, they shall be terminated without prior warning. 

2.1 Intellectual Property Rights

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Intellectual Property Rights

     Users are not allowed to use, steal or sell any part of OAS and its clients' productions. This includes but not limited to the usage of our articles, recording or downloading of our videos if permission is not given, usage of the OAS logo or name, usage of our infographics and et cetera.

2.2 Malicious Behavior

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Malicious Behavior

     We care for our users and clients' well-being very much. OAS does not tolerate any form of malicious behavior portrayed in all of our platforms. In the event if a malicious behavior is illegal or is suspected to be illegal, OAS will not hesitate to report the situation to the relevant authorities. 

2.3 Impersonation

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Impersonation

     Users are not allowed to impersonate as a staff member of OAS, they are also not allowed to give an impression that they are a staff member of OAS. Community usernames such as but not limited to "Admin", "Administrator", "Staff", "Employee", "Account Director", and et cetera will be deleted without prior warning given. All OAS Staff members will not ask for your sensitive information such as but not limited to passwords, credit card information and et cetera. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. 

2.4 Negative Disruptive Behavior

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Negative Disruptive Behavior

     Users are not allowed to slander, belittle, attack and/or disrespect OAS and its members. Users or clients who portray a negative influence shall be removed without warning. If you are unhappy with someone, please approach them privately and not take your quarrel into public grounds. 

2.5 Policy on Commenting

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Policy of Commenting

     OAS reserves the rights to remove any comments as we see fit. We would like to make it clear that it is okay to disagree with us, just do so respectfully. We are still learning to perfect our craft in the world of content creation and we are very appreciative towards people who would correct us. More importantly, we do not wish to create an environment where it becomes very negative so much so that our users, followers and clients are affected in a bad way.  

2.6 Unauthorized Advertisement

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Unauthorized Advertisement

     No one is allowed to advertise on our platform without permission. For advertisement enquiries, please mail In addition, we do not tolerate spam. All spammers will be removed and if applicable, they will be reported to their country's relevant authorities. 

3.0 Subscription

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Project A-Star

     A client would automatically be subscribed to OAS. The moment when a normal user becomes a client, they become family. We feel that we are responsible for the success of our clients but in order for this success to materialize, it takes two hands to clap. Clients will have access to exclusive written, audio and video materials. They will also have access to a community of professionals who are responsible for the success of your assignment. This listed rate will increase in accordance to the level of demand. The updated rates will be clearly communicated to you before you make the purchase. 

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Refund Policy

4.0 Refund Policy

     All products, services, subscriptions, and memberships purchased are strictly subject to a no refund policy. We hope our clients understand that the moment when someone obtains access to our teaching materials or our services, they are able to record, download and reuse all of them. Asking for a refund would be unfair to us. We also do not have a trial period for purchases and subscriptions. If you would like to ask questions about anything, please email us at or chat up with us on WhatsApp +65 8424 2400

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Plagiarism

5.0 Plagiarism

     All writers and members of OAS must strictly adhere to international copyright laws. Please do not use content from another source without permission. If quoting from the source is needed, please include a reference or cite the source. To ensure that your content is free from plagiarism, you may choose to use these 2 recommended sites and

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Content Ownership

6.0 Content Ownership

     All content posted on our social media platform is subject to the Terms of Use of the various social media companies, OAS has got no say in this. All content posted on our forum would automatically give OAS the authority to use and redistribute the content without the permission of the content owner. 

For example: If Jenny posted a comment on our forum saying that "Part of creating a valuable website is to post content that is relevant to your locality, if content created is irrelevant, no one would want to visit your site. When this happens, Google will not rank you and you'll never be on the first page."

OAS might write an article saying: "Our client, Jenny, said it like a pro! "Part of creating a valuable website is to post content that is relevant to your locality, if content created is irrelevant, no one would want to visit your site." nothing could be further from the truth!" In this scenario, Onttel Academic Solutions is not at fault due to their Content Ownership terms. 

7.0 Contact Us 

Affluence Intel Terms of Use Contact Us

     In the event if you need more clarifications with regards to our Terms of Use, please email us at or speak with us on WhatsApp +65 8424 2400.

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