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In our business, your

safety is everything to us

We achieve great results by

operating with high standards

Our 5 Quality Standards

     We need to live with strong standards. However, strong standards alone is not enough. If we want to reach the highest levels of success, we need to keep on improving these standards. This is a theory we at Onttel live by every single day. It is very simple, if a company runs without embracing dearly to a set of quality standards, this is a company that I would never want to work with. The last thing I want to have is having my time and money put to waste. I'm sure you feel the same as well. Therefore, we operate closely with these 5 quality standards:

Onttel Quality Standards Honesty


     Honesty is the best policy. If we are unable to fulfil your request, we will let you know. We like to have a transparent working relationship with our clients. If we made a mistake we will acknowledge accordingly, if we were wronged, we will explain wholeheartedly until the matter is resolved. A dishonest business is a business that is set to profit only for the short run, we want longevity, we want to live long enough to see you succeed and we want to be here to celebrate together with you.

     Our team is super adamant in building a business for our children that could last for generations. It is not our goal to spoil them but rather, we want our offsprings to learn and understand that their parents have constructed something good using their blood, sweat and tears and that this amazing setup has benefited the international community and helped many lives. Therefore, as we pass this business to our children, we want them to uphold the trait of honesty and lead an honest life. We seek an honest and successful relationship with all of our stakeholders.

Onttel Quality Standards Accuracy


     We have trained our writers to do accurate, ethical and non-biased research. Sloppy work is never tolerated. When our clients want us to write on social media marketing, we do not take the short cut and write on traditional marketing. When our clients want us to help them with writing a dissertation, we do not give them general advice that do not value add to their paper. It is easy to produce work, but it takes effort to produce accurate work. We built Onttel upon the foundations of hard work. Therefore, if it takes hard work to produce what our clients want, we will work day and night to do so. This theory is quite straightforward, if someone wants apples, you give them apples and not oranges.


     In addition to the complications of producing good content, we live in a world today where Fake News is prevalent. Even social media companies like Instagram is holding up their swords in preparation for war against Fake News. This makes it more important for us to prevail in producing accurate research. For example, if we just rely on one site talking about the death of a certain president without doing any further fact checking, we might end up writing about this certain president's demise while he is actually still very much alive. At the end of it all, inaccurate research affects the people who put their trust in us. We do not sabotage our loyal clients.      


Onttel Relevancy


     Educational institutes update their policies and requirements very frequently,  if we are not paying close attention to these changes, what we do for our clients would become irrelevant very quickly. Before we start writing, a fact finding session must first take place, we will try our best to cover all grounds in view to stay as relevant as possible. According to experience, so long as our clients are patient enough to work hand-in-hand with us, they would be able to find success in their assignments.    




     As such, this is why it is so crucial for our Writing Professionals to practice extra care. Going off topic and submitting the assignment with both eyes closed is one of the most unprofessional things to do in the world of writing. If our client submits a piece of writing that's irrelevant in the eyes of their school, they will fail. Failure is never an option here at Onttel. 

Affluenc Intel Quality Standards Punctuality



     When was the last time your friend was supposed to meet you at 12:00 PM but did not appear on time? You had no choice but to call him to find out where on Earth is he. He tells you he is already "on his way" but only appears 1 hour later. Most of the time when these idiots say that they are "on their way", they were actually on their way from their room to the main door of the house. I used to tell my students that: "when you make someone wait, you are committing murder". Everyone has got only that much time to live and when you waste their time, you are taking away their lives. It's a very selfish thing to do. At the Onttel office, we are extremely particular with submission dates and timings, when we say we will deliver at a certain date and time, we will always ensure that we do so earlier. 

A great man once told me that "if you are on time, you are late".


     I had the opportunity to manage an international trading company with my former student, David Cao. The business was all about taking orders from Singapore, Australia and America and then manufacturing the products in China. The number 1 problem we faced was always the issue of quality. The Chinese factories just produce and deliver the products that you want and then call it a day. Unfortunately, products with quality issues would always cause our customers to walk out of our doors. To the Chinese, as long as they have manufactured the product, their obligations are fulfilled. Earlier, I said that if our clients want apples, we should not give oranges. We believe that when our clients want apples, we should produce the sweetest, reddest and biggest apple we can find for them.


"Quality is more important than quantity.

One home run is much better than two doubles."


- Steve Jobs



     In summary, we would only deliver to our members and clients quality and honest work done with relevant and accurate research punctually. We are very clear about one thing, your success is our success. Be a part Affluence Intel, come and join Project A-Star today and start see your life experience a tremendous breakthrough.


Affluence Intel Quality Standards Quality


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