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Privacy should be a
mandatory element
for all netizens,
there are no two
ways to go about this.

1.0 The Business Entity

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy The Businss Entity

     Onttel Academic Solutions ("OAS") official website is and our email addresses contain only the following format "*". We have 2 main communication routes for our members to stay in touch with us, they are, WhatsApp +65 8424 2400 and Email (* If someone claims to be us, please check that the communication mode is valid. If you are unsure, please contact us for verification. No staff member at OAS will ask for your sensitive information such as but not limited to passwords, credit card details and et cetera.

1.1 Privacy Policy Philosophy

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Philosophy

     When our members use our services or when they join a subscription , they are entrusting us with their personal information. We know clearly that this is something very important to them. As such, we have protocols in place to make sure that all personal information do not get misused or leaked into the hands of a third party. We take pride in taking care of our clients, we know that this is our responsibility. 

2.0 Information Collection

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy Information Collection

     We only collect information that helps us to value add you. No information will be collected for unnecessary means. For our clients, we do not need to know your real name and contact number. Collecting your email address, instant messaging contact, and any other information that could help with crafting a better assignment for you is a necessity. For visitors, when you leave comments on our website or forum, information such as your IP address and browser user agent string will be made known to us as an effort to combat spam. We will never sell your information to a 3rd party and we will never send you spam mails.

2.1 Cookies

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy Cookies

     When you use certain functions on all OAS sites, you may be prompted to save some of your information for your future convenience in cookies, these cookies will last for an undetermined amount of period and this duration is subject to change. Clients may be prompted by their browsers to be remembered when logging into the clients' platform, this login period is around half a month. When the user logs out of the account, the login cookies will automatically be removed. 

2.2 Analytics and Advertisements

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy Analytics and Advertisement

     OAS and all its related sites use Google Analytics and various advertisement brokers. Information collected is subject to what the providers require and is beyond our control. Generally, information about your browsing patterns, your geographical location, your physical device, your IP address, your operating system and et cetera may be collected by the necessary parties for the purpose of analyzing our sites' activities. 

3.0 Management of Collected Information

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy Management of Collected Information

     All information collected will be securely stored, only Tary and Peter would have access. Your information would be removed from storage in the event if you delete your membership account. OAS will in no way leak your personal information to a 3rd party, sell your information to a 3rd party or mishandle your information in any ways. 

4.0 Payment

Affluence Intel Privacy Policy Payment

     OAS would only collect your necessary information in order to trigger a successful payment processing. Currently, we only accept PayPal, Alipay, M-Pesa, Singapore bank account transfer, PayLah!, PayNow and China bank account transfer. If payment is made by PayPal, your email address and real name will be made known to us. If you use Alipay, your real name and phone number will be made known to us. If you use M-Pesa, your mobile number and name will be made known to us. If you transfer funds using a Singapore bank account, your bank account number and real name may be made known to us.

5.0 Contact Us 

OAS - Privacy Policy Contact Us

     In the event if you need more clarifications with regards to our privacy policy, please email us at or speak with us on WhatsApp +65 8424 2400.

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