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Writing is in our DNA
We live to help you succeed
Your success is our success

About us

     Onttel Academic Solutions ("OAS") provides assistance to our clients in the area of assignment writing. We follow closely to your assignment instructions, ensure that the completed work is free from plagiarism, references are correctly cited, and will always on standby for all editing needs. 

     With more than 12 years of being an academic solutions company, we are equipped to steadily solve your educational hassles. We are also intensive content producers passionately producing content that could trigger positive transformations for our clients' professional and personal lives.

When we write, we keep in mind your goals, and address your stakeholders closely. There is really no point in putting up chunks of words for you resulting in subpar outcomes. We know very clearly that what we write must help you profit monetarily and academically.


> 6218 

happy clients served

2 Offices

in 2 countries

> 36 Years

of industry experience

> 21 

educated writers

     Today, we are humbled to have more than 6218 clients trusting their professional, personal and academic assignments with us. We only have 2 simple goals, (1) we want our clients to experience true positive change via our writings and consultations. (2) We want to help those who are experiencing educational obstacles to find a way out during their troubled times.

How it all begin

     Tary started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 17 years old. He was young, gullible and inexperienced. School did not teach him the practical steps on how to run a business, all he learnt were those useless textbook theories that did not add much value to him as a young entrepreneur. As a result of trying things out on his own, he made many mistakes and failed miserably. 

21st November 2008

- the beginning...

     Onttel started as a small firm helping people to write appeal letters, academic assignments, cover letters and resumes. 5 years later, the firm grew exponentially when Tary met Peter, a guy who is extremely well versed in professional writing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Since then, they never had the time to look back. Students and business owners were giving the firm more and more work as they saw how our writings helped to bring them more customers. This was a very big lesson for everyone at Onttel, we learned that when you add value to others, your own personal value will inevitable increase over time as well. Today Onttel has developed to become an established academic consultant, a content producer and a strong believer of providing solid assistance to their clients in view to experience a mighty gain. 

In short, we want people to succeed. 

Tary C.

Tary C.

MBA (AUS), BComm (AUS), Dip. BM (SGP), ACTA (SGP)

Founder and Managing Partner

Tary was a lecturer teaching business management and communication skills before the existence of Onttel. He was responsible for the well-being of more than 1000 students in a local government institute. Before dedicating himself as an educator, Tary already garnered 17 years of industry experience as an entrepreneur. 


He had the opportunity to understand the high end luxury sector, finance sector, insurance sector, e-commerce sector and education sector. During that time, he rubbed shoulders with high flying professionals, government ministers and even people from the underworld. 


Tary enjoys spending time with his family, cooking yummy dishes, dabbling in the creation of YouTube videos and appreciating a glass of red wine. 

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Peter K.
Image by Anthony Tran

Peter K.

Chief Operating Officer

Prior to joining Onttel, Peter was a respected project manager in the Information Technology sector for a number of public listed companies. His ability to get any websites optimized and ranked on search engines is a well wanted talent by many employers. Peter is also the owner of an IT consultation company where his focus in on helping startups to setup their IT infrastructure and business operations through the use of effective online technologies. 


During his free time, Peter is a fan of bar hopping, and creating cocktails. He enjoys having meaningful conversation with people and learning more about human behavior in the field of psychology.  

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Operating on Mondays to Saturdays 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM Singapore Time

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