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Onttel FAQ Is this svc legal?

1.0 Is this service legal?

Like any tuition agency, we give students a competitive edge over their peers. We never encourage our clients to cheat and will never do so even in the future. What they do with their personal lives is beyond our control and it is not within the scope of our responsibilities. Students must always check with their schools to ensure that they do not break any rules while engaging our services. So, yes. This service is 100% legal.

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Onttel FAQ Isn't your asgt writing service unethial?

1.1 Isn't your assignment writing service unethical?

We mean no harm and we wish that all of our clients can learn the most while they are still in school. Students look us up to help them with the writing of sample assignments, some of them would ask us to help with proofreading, and there are also those who would ask us to help with the writing of assignments from scratch. What our clients do with the work we we have done for them is really none of our business. All we do is write, we are extremely passionate about writing, and we want to write you a piece of quality assignment. 

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Onttel FAQ 1.2 Would my school...

1.2 Would my school allow me to submit the assignment done by you?

What you are asking is called 'collusion', it means that you are knowingly collaborating with someone else to complete your school work in view to submit it to the school as your own. Therefore, the answer is no. What we do here at Onttel is to provide our clients with work that is free from plagiarism, properly referenced according to the reference style they choose, meeting the word count requirement, submitting the completed assignment on time, and ensuring that we are available to edit the paper when needed. What our clients do with this piece of quality work is beyond our knowledge and control. Onttel would never encourage anyone to cheat.  

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Onttel FAQ 2.0

2.0 Are you able to guarantee grades?

We are unable to guarantee grades and we believe that no assignment writers can. We have never guaranteed grades in more than a decade of academic writing due to the following reasons:

1. Relationship clients have with their school / lecturers


We are unable to determine the relationship a student or the class have with their lecturers. If the relationship is not on good terms, it is hard to tell whether if the lecturer will be biased against this student or the whole class.


2. Cohort Moderation


If the school decides to moderate the student, it is beyond our control. The student could score an “A but because of moderation, his grade might be pulled down to a lower level.


3. Lecturer’s Competency


Some lecturers are not competent and therefore if they mark, they might not understand the level of work we produce and in order to protect themselves, he will award a more conservative score to the student.

4. Student's Ignorance

Due to circumstances, some students do not attend classes and as a result, they did not receive the full instructions on what was supposed to be done in regards to that particular assignment. In certain cases, the assignment brief alone is not sufficient. Without the complete instructions, the assignment might end up with a bad grade. 

5. Racial and Nationality Profiling

Here are some statistics. Our China Chinese clients have never gotten more than 59 / 100 for their dissertations. Our Singaporean clients have scored as high as 80 / 100. Why would this be the case? Without going into details, let's just say that it is in the school's business interest that this is happening. 

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2.1 Would you give me my money back if I fail the assignment?

Onttel FAQ 2.1

We do not refund our clients for failed assignments.​ Some years back we were still providing the money-back-guarantee program in the unlikely event if our clients do fail their assignments. However, a few deceitful individuals manipulated the system and took advantage of our kindness by falsely claiming for refunds even though they successfully passed their assignments. 

Truth is, there is no way we can verify the actual outcome. It is impossible for us to know why the assignments turned out to be a certain way. There were instances where our clients edited the assignment by themselves and failed. There was also another time where our client submitted the wrong file and failed. 

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2.2 How can you assure me that I am in good hands?

Onttel FAQ 2.2

Everyone at Onttel is always reminded to carry one very important character trait - responsibility. Our clients' futures are our future, their success is our success. Our relationship with them do not end after we click on the "send" button, many of our clients are still in contact with us even after graduation.

If a client fails an assignment, to us, it is like a surgeon losing a patient on the operating table. 

However, in many occasions, we are very fortunate to have have clients telling us things like: 

"Onttel, I scored the highest in my cohort, thank you." 
"This is the last module and i've passed! Thank you all so very much."

"I'm at my graduation ceremony now, I wouldn't be here without you guys." 

There was once a client shared this with us: 

To my dear friends at Onttel, 

When I approached you all last year, it was because my dad was in a terrible situation. He was so sick that he needed to be on a ventilator. He always wanted me to be a university grad but I could not juggle between working, studying and being my dad's main caregiver. 

What you all did for me made my dad's wish come true, I graduated last June but sadly, in August, he passed away. 

I want to thank you for not giving up on my assignments even though my instructions were not clear. Thank you all for being so patient and understanding. I don't know where I would be without you guys. Thank you. 

There are a few things we do to ensure the safety of our clients' work. 

1. We are always present for our clients. Our average reply time is 10 minutes. The longest we took to reply a client over more than a decade of operating this business is 3 hours. 

2. We would always encourage our clients to read and understand what we have written. If changes are required, we will be there to make the edit within a 42-hour to 72-hour period. 

3. We would also encourage our clients to send the completed assignment to their lecturers. If a feedback is given, we will edit the assignment accordingly.

4. It is mandatory for our clients to submit the completed work for plagiarism check on their school's Turnitin portal. If the similarity index percentage ("SI%") is not ideal, we would also edit the work to bring down the SI%.

With the above 4 points, we don't see why anyone could fail their assignments.  

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Onttel FAQ 2.3

2.3 May I take a look at some of your past work?

We do not practice the showcasing of assignment samples and flaunting of positive reviews for the sake of keeping our clients' confidentiality and privacy at the highest levels. In the event even if we could show you some samples, how would you be able to verify that this is truly our work? Any company can Google for any assignments and present it to you claiming that it is their's. If you really need to know our standard of writing, feel free to take some time to read through this website, it is 100% written and designed by us.

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Onttel FAQ 3.0

3.0 What are your payment policies?

We accept a 50% upfront payment before the team is allowed to start on any work. Upon completion, we will send screenshots to proof that the assignment has been completed. The client will then transfer the remaining payment and we will send the completed assignment to the client's designated email address or instant messaging application. All payments within Singapore can be made to a DBS Savings, PayLah!, Singtel Dash or PayNow account. We also accept payment via Alipay, WeChat and China bank fund transfer. 

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Onttel FAQ 3.1

3.1 Can I pay by instalments? 

Don't have so much cash on hand right now? Worry not! We've got an interest-free instalment plan​ to help supplement your financial situation. All instalment arrangement is subject to an administrative fee depending on the urgency of the deadline and the duration of the plan.

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3.2 Can I get a refund if I choose not to continue with your services? 

Onttel FAQ 3.2

Sorry, all initial payments are non-refundable. We hope that our clients would understand that once we block out the dates to write your assignment, there would be an opportunity cost involved. Please consider carefully before sending us the initial payment to secure your position.

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Onttel FAQ 4.0

4.0 How long does it take for an assignment to be completed?

It is difficult to give an answer to this because it really depends on several factors. For a 12,000-word dissertation, it takes around 2 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity. For a 500-word to 3000-word assignment it could take 4 to 15 days depending on the level of urgency.


We would usually let our clients know when we can submit the completed work during the course of our communication. If you need an assignment done urgently, we charge a premium as we would have to adjust deadlines, compensate existing clients and put more resources on your work to ensure that we can accomplish the task on time.

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Onttel FAQ 4.1

4.1 What kind of assignments can you do and not do? 

We are unable to handle technical assignments, for example, Engineering, Architecture, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Programming, Computer Science, Medicine, Forensic Science, Criminology, and Math. 

We are good at handling business related assignments, such as Business Finance, Accounting, Commercial Law, Marketing, Business Management, Human Resource Management and etc. We can also handle assignments that are related to Sociology, Communication, Psychology, Criminal Law and etc. 

If the assignment you want us to write is not listed above, contact us immediately to enquire.

Onttel FAQ 4.2

4.2 Am I allowed to check the status of my assignment progressively?

Our sincere apologies, we are unable to show you your work before the agreed date of submission due to the following 3 main reasons: 

1. It affects the writer's work flow and concentration

We want to make sure you receive an assignment with the best possible quality. In order to achieve this, our writers must not be distracted. 

2. It affects the firm's work flow

If we stop work and show our clients what is already being done multiple times, it may cause delays to everyone who is in queue. Besides, when we take up an assignment, we do not necessarily start work immediately.

3. It causes unnecessary problems and shock

Our writers are trained to do all formatting and grammar checks at the very end of the writing process. If we show our clients half done assignments, it is an inaccurate reflection of the work quality.


However, we would always stay contactable for our clients. You may check back with us anytime during our operation hours to see if your assignment is on course for a timely delivery. It usually is.

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Ontte FAQ 4.3

4.3 Should I be expecting to pass with flying colors?

The honest answer is, no. 

Onttel was never designed for clients to score high grades for 2 simple reasons: 

1. In order to achieve very good grades, we need to dedicate 1 writer to 1 assignment for 1 working week. If the writer generates a revenue of S$1,500.00 per week, this would mean that we need to charge our clients that sum of money for 1 assignment. Currently, we are charging 80% cheaper than the above stated rate. 

2. There is no way we can guarantee grades. Please look at point 2.0 "Are you able to guarantee grades?" at the top of this page for more info.

If you need high grades, we would suggest you look elsewhere for help. Clients engage us in hope to pass all of their assignments successfully and then swiftly move on to their careers. 

If you need more clarifications on this, please contact us immediately to enquire.

Onttel FAQ 4.4

4.4 I need an assignment done urgently, can you help?

Yes, but it is going to be costly. We are unable to give you a ballpark figure now because different assignments, deadlines and level of urgencies command different quotes. Generally, a S$200.00 non-urgent assignment can cost as high as S$428.00 during an urgent engagement. 

Prices are high for 2 main reasons: 

A. We already have other clients waiting for receive their assignments, if we want to accommodate an urgent work, we would need to compensate our clients for their inconvenience.


B. Writers would be compensated more as they might need to write outside of their usual working hours in order to complete the urgent assignment on time. 

If you need an urgent assignment done, contact us right away for more information.

Onttel FAQ 4.5

4.5 How can you prove that this is not a scam?

We understand the doubt you may have in entrusting your assignments in our hands. Over the years, we realized that it doesn't matter if a certain company has got very good reviews or if screenshots of positive testimonials were shown. It doesn't matter because they could all be faked. Therefore, if you have any doubts in regards to this area, Tary would be more than happy to personally pick up the phone to convince and assure you that we are 100% legitimate.  

Let Tary clear your doubts, contact us today

Onttel FAQ 4.6

4.6 Why are other companies charging cheaper than you?

We have absolutely no idea.


Our prices are extremely competitive, and if anyone could go cheaper than us, it is really suspicious. The old saying of "if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys" should never be forgotten. This is an everlasting principle that people should remind themselves of all the time when making purchases.


At Onttel, we charge on average S$315.00 on a 3,000-word business-related assignment. Usually, schools give their students around 2 months to complete an assignment of this nature. 


Assuming if we take 36 hours or 1.5 days to accomplish the task, this equates to a revenue intake of

S$315.00 / 36 hours = S$8.75 per hour 

Even our office cleaner, Aunty Kim, earns S$10.00 an hour and she's did not even graduate primary school. Our writers all carry at least a bachelor's degree. So, we really have no idea how could others be cheaper than us. 

Please exercise extreme care when engaging shady writing companies Don't forget, your assignments' success directly affects your future and livelihood. 

Contact us today to understand more on this.

Onttel FAQ 4.7

4.7 Do you outsource work to overseas writers?

We have a strong team of in-house writers and overseas writers that we have been collaborating with for more than a decade. Like any other businesses, if outsourcing is necessary for the production of quality work, it is in the best interest of our clients that we do so. The important question here is not about the writer's nationality, but rather, it is about the writer's competency. We can assure our clients that we only employ the best.

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Onttel FAQ 5.0

5.0 How can you ensure my privacy is being respected?

Here's how we ensure that your interactions with us will remain 100% private.


1. We have no intentions of exposing our clients' identity to anyone. Our goal is to have a long-term working relationship with them and one of the ways to do so is to ensure that all sensitive information remains private and confidential. ​


2. Our clients do not need to let us know their real name. ​


3. Our clients do not need to let us know which school they belong to. ​


4. Our clients do not need to contact us using their personal phone number or email address. ​


5. Our writers are not allowed to have access to our clients' sensitive information. ​


6. Our writers are not allowed to write our clients' assignment out of the office premise.

7. All communications and files will be deleted once the assignment case is closed.

8. All files are stored on an encrypted military grade 256-bit AES encryption platform for maximum security.

In the event if releasing your information to us is necessary for the completion of your assignment, only Tary and Peter would have access to your those sensitive information. 

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Onttel FAQ 5.1

5.1 Will you reuse my assignment for other clients?

We have never done this before and would never ever do this to our valued clients.

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Onttel FAQ 5.2

5.2 Can we meet up to discuss?

It is against our privacy policy to meet up with clients, we take your confidentiality and academic safety very seriously. If you would like to have a phone conversation with us, please arrange via WhatsApp or WeChat and we will be more than happy to speak with you.

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Onttel FAQ 5.3

5.3 I see that you have an office address, can we discuss there?

For administrative purposes, the address "7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07 Suntec Tower 1, Singapore 038987" is a virtual office used to register our business entity. Additionally, we do not meet up with clients as it is against our privacy policy to meet up with clients, we take your confidentiality and academic safety very seriously. If you would like to have a phone conversation with us, please arrange via WhatsApp or WeChat and we will be more than happy to speak with you.

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Onttel FAQ 6.0

6.0 Do you provide Turnitin plagiarism checking?

Sorry, we do not provide plagiarism checks.​ Our writers were trained never to copy and paste, as such, it is very unlikely that we would have plagiarism issues. Additionally, we do not have access to Turnitin since we are not an education institute. Most of our clients have complimentary access to Turnitin via their schools' websites. 

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Onttel FAQ 6.1

6.1 Are you able to use softwares to supplement my assignments?

We are unable to use softwares in our assignments. This is a business decision made by the firm since the beginning of operations. Our sincere apologies. 

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