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When I first started Onttel, all I wanted to do was help students overcome the gruelling academic obstacles that they might be facing. It is very disheartening to see that some schools do not provide sufficient help to students and they might even act unfairly in certain situations to certain nationalities and/or races.


Onttel Academic Solutions has maintained its success until today because I only employ those who care, those who understand that the outcome of  your assignment determines your success, and we take your success very personally.  


Education is your way into the future because tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today. It is never wrong to invest in yourself as that would be an investment that will always reap profits.


Add us on WhatsApp (+65 84242400)    and start your journey into an everlasting blast of greatness!

Tary C. 

Founder & Managing Partner

How does this work?

Onttel Academic Writing How Does This Work?


Table of Contents

How does this work?

How much would it cost me?

Who are our writers?

Can you guarantee grades?

Can my purchase be 100% confidential?

Contact Us


1. Contact Us 

Chat up with us to get a quote first. 

For an accurate quotation, please provide (1) the subject of assignment, (2) word count, (3) date of submission and (4) your assignment brief / instructions. 

2. Receive A Quote 

All quotes given are our best. We have calibrated our prices in a way where it is highly competitive compared to what is being offered in the market. Quotes may differ from time to time due to (1) urgency of assignment and (2) our current assignment volume rate. 

3. Make Payment

You are welcome to make payment through a number of channels: 


Bank transfer
WeChat Transfer


China Merchants Bank (招商银行)
Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (工商银行)
China Construction Bank (建设银行)
Alipay (支付宝)
WeChat Transfer (微信转账)


- We do not accept cash and cheque

If you like to make a partial payment, we could do so based on the following arrangement:

1. We will start work upon receiving the first 50% payment

2. You can check with us anytime on the progress of your work.

3. Upon completion, we will show you 3 screenshots of your completed assignment(s).

4. You will then send us the final 50% payment.

5. We will send you the completed assignment.

6. You will check and let us know if any editing is required.We will edit for you at no cost as long as it is within the assignment guidelines / instructions you gave us at the beginning of our interaction.

4. Start of Writing 

We will begin the process by assigning the most suitable writer(s) to you handle your assignment. Once that is done, we will have a meeting session to firm up how we want to tackle your assignment. After all the necessary planning has been completed, the writing will start based on our quality standards guidelines. 

5. End of Writing 

We have 3 quality control checkpoints, the first one would be done by the writer, the second one would be done by our Quality Control Team and the final one would be done by Tary or Peter. When an assignment is ready for submission, the Finance Team must first give clearance before we can send out the assignment file(s).


6. Submission

Upon submission, we would always encourage our clients to check, read and understand our work. We would also ask for our work to be sent to their lecturers for feedback, and it is mandatory for the assignment to be put through Turnitin for a plagiarism check as well.


7. Editing

98% of the time, assignments would always require editing. If the editing is within the initial instructions, we would be more than happy to help our clients with the edit at no extra cost. Please give us at least 72 hours for all editing requests. 


8. Closing of Case

Once the editing is done, we would confirm with our client to close the assignment case. Once the case is confirmed closed, we will delete all communication threads and files pertaining to that particular assignment. This is inline with our privacy policy

All closed cases cannot be opened again. In the event if cases need to be opened again, there will be full charges involved. 



Onttel Academic Writing How Much

How much would it cost me?

We need to reiterate the fact that our prices are extremely competitive.

We charge by the number of words and the complexity of research required, these translate into the man hours needed. 

Normal Assignment (estimation)

1000 words @ S$125.00

2000 words @ S$215.00

3000 words @ S$310.00
4000 words @ S$405.00

5000 words @ S$500.00

Dissertation (estimation)

5000 words @ S$650.00

10,000 words @ S$1150.00

20,000 words @ S$2090.00

Who are our writers?

Onttel Academic Writng Who Writes

We are very strict with the hiring of writers. Here are our requirements: 


1. The writer needs to write a 1,000-word article based on the topic of our choice.

2. The writer is only given 24 hours to complete this task. 

3. The writer needs to be able to prove that the written work is done by them. Some writers would come to our office and complete this 1000 words, some would video themselves and et cetera. 

4. The writer needs to have a degree of any kind. They would have to send us a picture of their certificate with their full name clearly displayed. 

5. The writer needs to take a selfie of themselves with their face beside their government issued ID or passport. 

If you would like to join Onttel as a writer, please contact us at or chat us up on

WhatsApp +65 84242400

We are also very strict with the management of our writers. 

1. All writers must complete a training course in writing so that they can be inline with the Onttel quality standards

2. All writers are not allowed to plagiarize, if found guilty of this, they will be terminated immediately. 

3. All writers must cite their work. 

4. All writers must complete their writing task 1 day before the actual deadline so that quality control checks can be made.

5. All writers must never disclose any confidential information or they shall be dealt with by the law. 

Onttel Academic Writing Guarantee Grades

Can you guarantee grades?

We are unable to guarantee grades and we believe that no assignment writers can. We have never guaranteed grades in more than a decade of academic writing due to the following reasons:

1. We are unable to determine the relationship our clients have with their lecturers


We are unable to determine the relationship a student or the class have with their lecturers. If the relationship is not on good terms, it is hard to tell whether if the lecturer will be biased against this student or the whole class.


2. Cohort Moderation


If the school decides to moderate the student, it is beyond our control. The student could score an “A but because of moderation, his grade might be pulled down to a lower level.


3. Lecturer’s Competency


Some lecturers are not competent and therefore if they mark, they might not understand the level of work we produce and in order to protect themselves, he will award a more conservative score to the student.

Can my purchase be 100% confidential?

Onttel Aademic Writing 100% Confidential

Absolutely! Here's how we ensure that your interactions with us will remain totally private.

1. We have no intentions of exposing our clients' identity to anyone. Our goal is to have a long-term working relationship with them and one of the ways to do so is to ensure that all sensitive information remains private and confidential. 

2. Our clients do not need to let us know their real name. 

3. Our clients do not need to let us know which school they belong to. 

4. Our clients do not need to contact us using their personal phone number or email address. 

5. Our writers are not allowed to have access to our clients' sensitive information.

6. Our writers are not allowed to write our clients' assignment out of the office premise. 

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Operating on Mondays to Saturdays 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM Singapore Time

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